We want to connect the tourism and outdoor industry around the exploration and understanding of new consumer habits.

Our goal is to help brands and destinations find new ways of bringing people to the outdoors with  :

  • Exclusive case studies and research works
  • Inspiring speakers
  • Creative workshops

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The event is dedicated to the tourism and outdoors professionals, brands and destinations : product, marketing and communication managers, business development, community managers, agencies who want to get new insights about consumer habits and how to create value for young customers.



2018 FOCUS


  • How can outdoor destinations and brands gain awareness in the mind of generations who are more urban than ever?
  • What kind of content engages them, who inspires them, who influences their decisions?
  • Why can’t we take more young people to the mountains?
  • How can the outdoor lifestyle be anchored in the young generations dreams and aspirations, how can brand and destinations create value and conquer new customers?
  • What actions should the industry trigger?




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